Some more commercials, Melbourne Remote Tourist

Awesome Production Manager Kate Merrin, from Fixed Productions, called me to lend a hand in setting up this Melbourne Remote control Tourist stravaganza… Over the phone sounded a bit messy.
I went to Exit Films to talk to Kate and get acquainted with the job behind the idea.

Basically we needed to broadcast live to the net what anyone could do whilst visiting Melbourne. The premise was that we had to listen to the Remote Control Tourist (RTC from now on) and also be able to hear the people he was interacting with. For that I rigged a Sanken Cos-11 in the helmet and to hear the people around the RTC there was a Senheisser 8050 rigged in the helmet. It has enough reach for a conversation and is wide enough to provide some good atmos sound.
Mics were connected to a Sound Devices Pix 240, intended first as a pure image backup but I used as the main sound platform as it can provide Phantom power and the limiter in it will come very handy as there was no sound support while on air.


Here is the result, have a browse on the Melbourne Remote Control Tourist website !

It was a good challenge and a fun job. Thanks for the job Kate!

IMG_1846 Backpack maintenance

IMG_1863 Gertrude St.

IMG_1858 The Pix and the Teradek get really hot.. specially in Pellegrini’s kitchen!