Mr & Mrs Murder Sound

What a ride was Mr & Mrs Murder!


Apart from the normal challenges any drama produces (tight schedule, long days, travel, multi camera position, etc…) we had to deal with 2 main problems… Wardrobe and the nature of shooting a murder mystery show.

Wardrobe itself was not an issue. Some scarfs and accessories here and there, usual stuff. Nothing that Mark Lavery and Dan Giles were not able to deal with. The real problem were the PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) suits. They are made from a pater-plastic-fabric kind of material that makes radiomics unusable. And they wear them a lot. What to do?
We did not have much pre production as the suits were not locked in until almost the day of the shoot. Booming is the preferred option, but as we shoot this days we need to rely on radios weather we want it or not.


So after looking for a solution in the costume we had to look into placing the mic somewhere else away from the PPE suit but conspicuous enough not to be in shot. Well. It ended being in shot as we placed it on the protective googles.

Wind was an issue, although we minimised the problem putting some fluff in the capsule as you can see… Head turns were challenging but still delivered usable material and when the condition were good it sounded GREAT!




As you can see, unless you are on a very tight close-up the mic in the googles is invisible