Working back in Sydney

After living in Melbourne for 3 years I have almost forgotten about Sydney entirely.

I went up to work in 2 commercials, for Exit and The Sweet Shop. You can’t fault the weather, the scenery and it is always nice to catch up with friends and family up there.

The first commercial was an APIA , with The Sweet Shop, was located in the Northern Beaches. It seems impossible to have such beautiful locations so close to the city, I guess this is why so many people enjoy the northern Beaches and Home and Away is such a hit!

And this other one.

The second Ad is By Exit, the product was Vaalia yogurt and Sarah Murdoch was our cast. It was a delight of a job AND I got to work with Kathy Gross again, Boomie Extraordianire! We had time to catch up and work together after a long time.

And a wee making of... See Kathy on the stick and my slate on the first frame... Ben Saunders ( Director) looking good too!