Offspring 4

Offspring 4… what to say about this smash hit show.

This year I worked from Ep 6 on 2nd unit and the last block (2 episodes) with Main Unit directed by the lovely Emma Freeman.
It is great to be part of this show, in fact the great thing is that most of the crew has been the same during the past seasons as well. It is something rare…. We all get along and, most of the time, push in the same direction.

As per me, I just want to capture the performance that the actors deliver with the minimal intervention.

Working on second unit we got to work mainly with Kat Stewart, Eddie and Celia Paquola. Asher and Matt work mainly on main unit but we had the pleasure to shoot a long scene in the councillor’s office.

I had no idea of this year’s story lines and boy I was in for a shock! Watch the show and enjoy. I reckon from ep 6 it gets better…

Offspring - S4 Ep. 6

I enjoy working in the show and look forward to the shoot of season 5!

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